There are several ways to make a chapter 13 bankruptcy payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee.  Please read on to find out how to make these payments.

First:  You can request that your plan payments be payroll deducted.  This means that your chapter 13 payment will be divided equally among each paycheck.  So, if you are paid weekly and your monthly payment is $400.00, then there will be approximately $92.00 deducted from each paycheck, even in the months where you are paid 5 times.  All it takes is to let me know that you want the payment deducted from your paycheck and I will inform the trustee of such and he will send a payroll deduction request to your employer.  You are required to pay your bankruptcy payment on your own until the payroll deduction starts on your paycheck.

Second:  You can make your chapter 13 payments online.  Visit to learn more.  Payments made through this service usually take 5-10 days to post to your chapter 13 account.

Third:  You can mail the payments to the chapter 13 trustee.  If you choose this option, you must mail them to the following address:

Bradford Caraway

Chapter 13 Trustee

P.O. Box 3789
Jackson, MS 39207

Personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks are accepted by the Trustee at this mailing address.  You must make the check or money order payable to Bradford Caraway, Chapter 13 Trustee, and place your case number in the memo section of the check.  If you do not, the check will not be posted to your account.  If a check is returned for non-payment (NSF), then you will be charged an NSF fee as well and may be barred from making payments by personal check.

If you have any questions about these payment options, please give us a call.