What Is A Contested Divorce?

Contested divorces traditionally involve situations where the parties cannot agree on some major point such as property division, alimony, custody, child support, or attorney’s fees. Often in these cases there are grounds for the divorce other than incompatibility, such as adultery, domestic violence, or drug addiction.

The question of “How long will this divorce take?” is easily one of the most frequently asked questions. The short answer is that is depends upon the willingness of both parties to sit down and negotiate a settlement in their case. It takes both parties to settle the divorce and have it move as expeditiously as possible. It only takes one person to drive up the costs and length of time it takes to get a divorce.

Divorce is difficult enough. Making a decision about hiring an Alabama divorce attorney should not add to this stress. During this difficult time, you need a divorce attorney who is understanding and compassionate, yet able to fight for your rights. The attorneys at Russo, White & Keller have practiced divorce law on a daily basis for well over 25 years. We will fight for your rights and what you deserve.

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